Keep Lines Together

Also known as: Keep lines together

See Also: Keep Text Together

Code Used: [kps] [kpe]

Keystroke: (None at present)

What does it do?

As far as possible, it prevents text running over two pages.

Where would it be used?

If you were preparing a script for a radio presenter for example, the reader would not wish to find a new page in the middle of a sentence or even paragraph.

Note that there is a practical limit here. Nothing can be done about paragraphs which are longer than one braille page. In such circumstances you should review the paragraph and decide where it can be split, ideally without being split in the middle of a sentence.

Usage in DBT:

[kps]These[l]three small[l]lines[kpe]

Produces in Braille:


?ree small


Note: These lines would specifically NOT be split over two pages.

Let us explain!

The [kps] begins the point at which DBT tries to keep the following text on the same page. The [kpe] code basically ends the process.

Note: These codes can be placed anywhere in the text. A line break is forced by each of these two codes.