Conditional Eject

Also known as: Widows and Orphans

(See also: Conditional Eject or Skip Line)

Code Used: [cpN]

Keystroke: (None at present)

What does it do?

If fewer than a specified number of lines are available after this code on the page, then begin the text on a new page. Otherwise break to a new line.

Where would it be used?

This can be useful in preventing paragraphs from being split in awkward places. For example, you may not wish the first line of a paragraph to be on its own at the foot of a page.

Usage in DBT: (Let us assume the following is towards the end of a page)

Contact details follow. [cp2][es~para.]The telephone number for Duxbury's Technical support department is: +1-978-692-3000.[ee~para.]

Produces in Braille:

  ,3tact details foll[4

----------- blank line -----------

----------- blank line -----------

----------- page break -----------

  ,! teleph"o numb] =       #b

,duxbury's ,te*nical support

de"p;t is3- plus


Let us explain!

The [cp2] effectively says, If there are two lines or fewer left on the braille page, then continue on a new page.