Making Your Own DBT Templates

Starting from the Duxbury standard templates, you can create your own customized versions. Generally, you use a custom template to optimize your work with DBT, to preserve your personal or corporate preferences for page formatting, and to create new styles that meet your particular requirements.

You can create a custom template with just a single change. And, you can create very elaborate custom templates with many added styles of your own creation.

This section of DBT Help begins with topics that focus on a single area of the template or a single customization step. Then it presents two ways of looking at the process as a whole for you to pick the one you find most useful. One is a tutorial description of how to create a new template. The other is a list of "fine tuning" options you can select.

The last topics include an example "break-out" of a DBT template, and a topic for expert users on customizing a DBT template using a standard text editor.