Main Functions of the Activation Wizard

The activation wizard serves both the Duxbury Braille Translator and NimPro. If you have used it for one program, you will find it familiar and easy to use with the other.

Activation Wizard Choices

The main page lists the tasks you can do with the activation wizard. It informs you if an operation requires administrative level access. You can Register your software and Diagnose activation problems without administrative access, but for critical operations like Activate and Deactivate, administrative access is required.

Manual Activation Requires 2 Steps

If you activate manually (for example, by email), your activation requires 2 steps: first, you send Duxbury your information, and then Duxbury sends you a reply with your activation code. When you receive the reply you must open the activation wizard again. On the Main page, the task "Activate this computer" will likely be selected for you.

Select that task and then, on the next page choose, "Complete my pending activation."