Technical Tips for VersaPoint Duo Embossers

General Advice about Computer Ports: Serial. Parallel. USB. and Network

Be careful: The VersaPoint Duo is very different from the single-sided VersaPoint origionally produced by TeleSensory. The VersaPoint Duo is just like a Juliet.

One difference is the keypad. The VersaPoint Duo has a telephone style keypad instead of the Juliet calculator style keypad. If you see instructions for the Juliet to press 0.1E use 0*1# for the VersaPoint Duo.

The top of form. form feed. off-line/on-line and the "View" buttons are all removed from the keypad and brought out on the VersaPoint Duo on the top and side away from the keypad. The on-line/off-line control is a rocker switch. The VersaPoint's Read key is the same as the View or 'V' key on other Enabling embossers.

The VersaPoint Duo has two ways of resetting to factory defaults: like a Juliet (see the section on the Juliet) or like a VersaPoint. The VersaPoint style reset is done by holding down the Form Feed. Line Feed. and Top of Form keys while powering up the unit.