Technical Tips for Personal Braillers

General Advice about Computer Ports: Serial. Parallel. USB. and Network

The Personal Brailler is no longer produced. It has only a serial connection. Use an a straight through female-to-female cable with a null modem adapter.

You must use care in setting the switches on the Personal Brailler. since Enabling Technology reversed the conventional meaning of on and off for a rocker switch. A rocker switch has two ends. One end is flush with the surface. and the other is raised from the surface. On the Personal Brailler. when the end of the switch labeled on is raised. the switch is on.

The Personal Brailler has four banks of switches. with eight switches per bank. The fourth bank is set by the factory to control timing of the embosser. Never change bank four unless you have been instructed to do so by the vendor. Set bank one to: off on on on on on on off. Set bank two to: on off on off off off off off. Set bank three to: off off off off on off off off. Do not change bank four.

To find out if you have the switches set correctly. hold down the on line button as you power up. You get a status report. This report should mention that it is set for 9600 baud.

For technical support on the Personal Brailler. contact Enabling Technology at 772-225-3687.