English (UEB) - BANA Format - with Nemeth Flag of the United States

This DBT template is designed to produce material written in the English language. It uses UEB (Unified English Braille) translation rules and BANA formatting standards. This template should be used for mathematics and technical notation when you wish to use the Nemeth Math Code.

This template uses the Nemeth Code for mathematics and scientific notation. To use Nemeth Code for technical material, it must be enclosed in the DBT math style. This markup is added automatically when importing LaTeX files and some other formats.

You can make this template your default selection.

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Multiple Templates for English

The English language has multiple DBT templates.

Unified English Braille (UEB) is the standard in all English speaking countries. Accordingly, all the "English (UEB)" templates employ the same UEB braille translator. They may differ with respect to math translation and especially with respect to formatting. Therefore, different UEB templates may contain different DBT styles, and the effects of those styles may differ. The UEB templates use UEB math translation unless the template name specifies Nemeth.

The acronym, BANA, stands for the Braille Authority of North America. The DBT BANA templates are helpful if you are in the United States or Canada and trying to meet exacting standards for textbook production. The template English (UEB) - BANA uses UEB text translation and UEB math translation. The template English (UEB) - BANA with Nemeth uses UEB text translation but uses the Nemeth Code for math and technical notation.

Meeting Exacting Standards

For users in the United States and Canada, the BANA DBT templates are used to meet exacting formatting standards. Very frequently, braille transcribers prepare the text in Microsoft Word where they use a BANA template designed for use in that program. Click here to learn more about the BANA Word template.

Math Issues in English

Choosing the appropriate template allows you to choose Nemeth Code or UEB Math for technical notation. When mixing Nemeth code with UEB text (under the "English (UEB) - BANA with Nemeth" template) you need to attend to the transitions between passages of UEB and Nemeth. The DBT styles: math, math-TextInMath, and OneWordBridge manage these transitions. You will find these styles, defined appropriately, in several DBT templates, but they are particularly important in the "English (UEB) - BANA with Nemeth" template.

For producing uncontracted UEB with Nemeth, it turns out that inserting a [g1] code at an appropriate spot in the document is not sufficient in the UEB with Nemeth template, which favors contracted braille. After the [g1] code, the braille will be uncontracted until you get to the first use of the math style for Nemeth Code, which causes a table switch. Exiting that use of the math style, the table is switched again, and the contractions are back in effect. Here is a convenient way to switch to uncontracted UEB for all of the UEB text in the document. After you have started or opened the document in DBT with the "English (UEB) - BANA with Nemeth" template, use Document Menu -> Translation Tables to switch the translation table to Latin Script (English-like) Uncontracted. In fact, this technique is useful for any use of Uncontracted UEB together with translation table switching.

Contracted Braille

This language is usually produced in contracted braille. This means that words are not produced in braille on a one-for-one basis: there are abbreviations (contractions) in the text. If you have questions about producing correct braille, please contact a member of your local braille authority.

Producing this language in uncontracted braille is also quite easy in DBT. Before translation into braille, place the cursor at the top of the document and use the Grade 1 command (Alt+1). When the document is translated, the braille will be uncontracted.

Sample Microsoft Word File

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