Esperanto Flag of the United Nations

Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language. L. L. Zamenhof, a Polish-Jewish ophthalmologist, created Esperanto in the late 19th century and published the first book detailing it, Unua Libro, in 1887 under the pseudonym Dr. Esperanto.

There is only one DBT template for Esperanto: Esperanto - Basic.

For the details about the DBT translator used by Esperanto: click here.

Uncontracted Braille

Esperanto is usually produced in uncontracted braille. This means that words in the text are produced in braille on a one-for-one basis: one braille character for each inkprint symbol. Some inkprint punctuation requires more than one braille character. Indicating upper case, emphasis, or numbers adds to the braille character count. However, there are no abbreviations or contractions.