Layout: Translation Codes: CBC

Keystroke: ⌥3

This menu selection inserts a series of codes which, when the document is translated, cause the Translator to use Computer Braille Code.

If you wish to apply Computer Braille to only a section of text and not the whole document, use the compinline or compdisplay Styles.

(See Layout: Apply Style for more details).

Note 1: When DBT is set up for British Braille, this code invokes BCB (British Computer Braille) as determined by BAUK/UKAAF.

Note 2: When DBT is set up for French Braille, this code invokes French Computer Braille

Note 3: In some other cases, the choice of language affects whether or not Computer Braille can be used, or indeed, which version.

See Language: Translation Tables and the relevant sub-topics for more specific details.