Edit: Find...

Keystroke: ⌘ + F

(See also: Finding and Replacing Codes)

Image shows the Find dialog.

The Find dialog can be used to search for a particular word or phrase in your document. In addition, if the mode View: Codes is toggled on, you can search for codes, text, or a mixture of the two.

The dialog contains nine controls.

See also: Edit: Find again.

Note 1: You can copy highlighted text from your document, and paste it into the "Text to Find:" box.

Note 2: To type a DBT code, press F9 first, then type the code.

Note 3: You can press the F5 key to bring up the Duxbury Code List should you require popular special characters such as the Japanese ¥ (Yen) sign, or formatting codes such as Clear Tab Stops [ctb]