Converting MegaDots Math files into DBT

Convering math files requires MegaDots 2.5, the export patch installed, a copy of Word, and DBT 11.3.

On MegaDots, any portion in math needs to be highlighted and then use the MegaDots command control-T M (for Translate Math). Usually, you only need to mark math portions in special circumstances. To convert to DBT, every math "region" of your file needs to be inside of Math Translation. DBT requires a special code around each section of math [TS] and [TE]. The use of the MegaDots command allows these DBT commands to be placed automatically in the conversion.

To convert math files to DBT, export to MS Word/BANA Template, then import the Word file directly into DBT. You could examine the file in Word, but this is not recommended. The internal math markup is very confusing within the Word file.

When you import into DBT 11.3, choose between English (UEB) - BANA Template or English (UEB) - BANA Template with Nemeth. If you choose the first, the math segments go into UEB math. If you choose the second, the math segments go into Nemeth math. A big tip of the hat to Caryn for working out all of the complex details for this to work.

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