DBT Win iconDownload DBT Win 12.7 sr3 for a Demo or for an Update

About Demonstration Software

You can download DBT Win from this page and install it without a license to run it as demonstration software.

Important Note about DBT demo software.

About Replacement Software

If something has happened to your DBT Win and your license is eligible for the current version, you can download a replacement from this page. You might do this, for example, if your old computer has become non-functional, and you need to install DBT Win on a new machine. You can apply your already purchased license, although you might need to do an update if your license is older and does not allow you to run this most recent version.

Advisory: In a replacement situation, older software may or may not be available! Please, keep your original media, thumbdrives, or backups so that you can always re-install after an emergency.

About Updates

These downloadable updates are for the convenience of licensees, and free for those whose original purchase or last paid update occurred within the last year. Duxbury generally applies a "baker's dozen" principle, actually extending eligibility back to the first of the month prior to the release of the update. Also, for various reasons Duxbury sometimes extends free update eligiblity for more than a year.

For updates after the free period has passed, the cost of the update depends on the date of your original purchase or last update purchase.

All prices are based on the Duxbury Price List and are subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions about your eligibility please contact us by email at info@duxsys.com or otherwise as listed in Duxbury Contact Info, providing your license (serial) number. The license number is displayed in the "About" dialog box under the Help, File, or System menu; it is also printed on the first distribution disk (for older versions of DBT WIN) and on the original invoice if purchased directly from Duxbury.

To purchase an update, order through your dealer or directly from us.

For current customers, we recommend you open your DBT, go to Help, then click on Check for Updates. This will inform you if you are eligible for a free downloadable upgrade to DBT Win 12.7 sr3, and result in a smoother experience for you.

We offer the same download from two separate servers to make downloads as fast as possible for you. Both contain the exact same file. If one server appears to be running slowly, cancel and pick the another one.

1: DBT Win 12.7 sr3; Primary download URL

2: DBT Win 12.7 sr3; Secondary download URL

For most users, installation is a matter of choosing all the defaults. However, those working with networks or custom installations should read these instructions before installing: help on installing DBT Win 12.7 sr3. Please note: network users need to install one additional software package from here, which makes the instructions above vital.

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