Vendors of Optical Character Recognition Equipment

Optical Character Recognition Systems scan a printed page and create a computer file of the contents. Some systems then read aloud the text. Others do not.

Some system are designed to hide their computer origins. Often there is a replacement keyboard with only a few controls. Other systems are quite plainly integrated into your existing computer system. Before you purchase a system, figure out how comfortable you are with computers.

Click here for Closed Circuit Enlargers, which can be used by those with low vision.

AI Squared
PO Box 669
Manchester Center VT 05255
802-362-3612 v
802-262-1670 f
ZoomText Xtra interfaces with OCR systems
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Baum Products GmbH
Schloss Langenzell
Wiesenbach  D-69257
+49 6223 49090 v
+49 6223 490999 f
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Brea Technical
4 Nancevallon, Brea
Camborne, Cornwall  TR14 9DE
United Kingdom
+44 120-971-4056 v
+44 120-971-4475 f
Closeup and Page Reader/Talking Table
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Dolphin Computer Access
50 East Third Ave
San Mateo CA 94401
866-797-5921 v
650-348-7403 f
Cicero "plug in"
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Dolphin Systems, UK
PO Box 83
Worcester  WR3 8TU
United Kingdom
+44 1905 754577 v
+44 1905 754559 f
Lexis Text reader for Windows
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F.H. Papenmeier GmbH & Co KG
Talweg 2, Postfach 1620
Schwerte  D-58239
+49 2304 9460 v
+49 2304 946246 f
Readmaster 3
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Freedom Scientific
11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg FL 33716
800-444-4443 or 727-803-8000 tech: 727-803-8600 v
727-803-8001 f
OpenBook, WYNN for those with learning disabilities
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Freedom Scientific, Learning Systems Group
480 California Avenue, Suite 201
Palo Alto CA 94035
650-475-5435; 727-803-8600 tech support v
650-475-1067 f
OpenBook, WYNN for those with learning disabilities.
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hedo Software und Systeme GmbH
Klausner Ring 18
Kirchheim/Mchn.  D-85551
+49 89 9048990 v
+49 89 9046183 f
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JBliss Imaging Systems
650 Sarasota Ave
San Jose CA 95129
408-246-5783 v
408-246-5735 f
ezVOP Reading System for the vision impaired
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Kurweil Education Systems, Inc
52 Third Ave.
Burlington MA 01803
781-203-5000 or 800-894-5374 v
781-238-0986 f
Kurzweil 1000 is an award-winning reading machine with built-in computer.,
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Novotech GmbH
Alpenstrasse 3
Konstanz  D-78464
+49 7531 68130 v
+49 7531 68620 f
Lesephon Standard and EuroProfi
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Portset Systems
Shilds House, Brook Street, Biship
Waltham Southampton SP32 1AX
United Kingdom
+44-148-989-3919 v
+44-148-989-33320 f
Portset Reader
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Recognita Corp
PO Box 55
Budapest  H-1251
+361 201 8925 v
+361 201 7607 f
Recognita Reader 3.0 for DOS

Reinecker Reha-Technik GmbH
Sandwiesenstr, 19
Alsbach-Hahnlein  D-64665
+49 6257 4897 v
+49 6257 2561 f
Reading Ace, Reading Ace Profi
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Sensory Tools Division, Robotron Group
15 Stamford Road
Oakleigh VIC 3166
+61 3-9568-2568 v
+61 3-9568-1137 f
Galileo Reading System, and Simon
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Technologies for the Visually Impaired, Inc.
9 Noland Court
Hauppauge NY 11788
516-724-4479 v
516-724-4479 f
sells the Rainbow Reading Machine from Robotron
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