Vendors of Calculators

This is a list of talking calculators.

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Industriestrasse 29
Wdel  D-22880
+49 4103 7021 v
not sure if their calculator is adapted for the blind
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B.P. 53X
Grenoble  F-38041
+33 7651 4280 v
+33 7651 4278 f
not sure if calculator is adapted
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B & M Ingenieurburo GmbH
Industriestrausse 10
Neustadt/Holstein  D-23730
+49 4561 16388 v
+49 4561 16142 f
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Blista-Brailletec GmbH
Industiestrasse 11
Marburg  D-35041
+49 6421 80219 v
+49 6421 80214 f
Galaxy: German talking calculator
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Centre Louis-Hebert
525 Boulevard Hamel Est, Aile J
Quebec QC G1M 2S8
418-529-9141 v
418-529-3450 f
not sure if calculator is adapted
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Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
Brunnenstrasse 10
Horb a.N.  D-72160
+49 7451 7051 v
+49 7451 4864 f
Galaxy Speech (scientific calculator with many languages, including English), Galaxy Braille, same with a braille display
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Lighthouse International
111 East 59th St 12th Fl
New York NY 10022
800-829-0500 or 212-821-9200 v
212-821-9727 f
Cannon Desktop Printing Calculator, and various calculators with large print displays
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National Association for Visually Handicapped
22 West 21st Street
New York NY 10010
212-889-3141 v
212-727-2931 f
on-line store
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Royal National Institute for the Blind
Sales and Marketing, Bakewell Rd, Orton Southgate
Peterborough  PE2 6XU
United Kingdom
+44 1733 370777 v
+44 1733 238541 f
Talking Scientific Calculator
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Further Strasse 212
Nurnberg  D-8500
not sure if calculator is adapted
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