Vendors of Braille Embossers

This is a list of makers of braille embossers. To make braille from a computer you need a computer system, an embosser, and braille translation software.

Since many embossers sell in the $3,000-$4,000 range, we have termed these as "mid-range". Anything under $3,000 is described as "inexpensive". Anything over $4,000 is termed "professional". Now I know that there is a great deal of difference between $5,000 and $80,000, but we hope that this list still proves useful.

By the way, a good source for continuous form braille paper for embossers is Continuous Card Systems

American Thermoform
1758 Brackett Street
La Verne CA 91750
909-593-6711; 800-331-3676 v
909-593-8001 f
ATC Braille n print; sells selected models on the Braillo, Enabling, and Index embosser lines
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Blista-Brailletec GmbH
Industiestrasse 11
Marburg  D-35041
+49 6421 80219 v
+49 6421 80214 f
distributes ONCE's Impacto advanced , Puma VII plate embosser, GPB3 flat bed press for braille (all professional, greater than $30,000 each)
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Brailler Depot
107 Trimble Ave
Clifton NJ 07011
973-272-7667 v
Carry the Index line of embossers
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Braillo, Norway AS (Administration)
PO Box 447, Storgaten 31
Tonsberg  3101
+47 33 00 28 70 v
+47 33 002871 f
Braillo 300, 6--, 600SR, 650 SW, and 650SF, all major pieces of production equipment. Sold in the U.S. by American Thermoform. Embosser manuals available from
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Braillo, Norway AS (Service)
PO Box 93, Wessels vei 1
Stjordal  7501
+47 74 84 04 41 v
+47 74 84 04 41 f
address for Braillo service
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Electronic Brailler LLC
496 Wittich Terrace
River Vale NJ 07675
201-665-9219 v
Manufacturing the new Cosmo Electronic Brailler for Classroom use. Works with new BERT (Braille Education Remote Tool) software, a collaborative project with Duxbury Systems
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Enabling Technologies
1601 Northeast Braille Place
Jensen Beach FL 34957
772-225-3687 or 800-777-3687 v
772-225-3299 f
Braille Place (production), Phoneix (graphics), Braille Bookmaker, Braille Express, Juliet (midrange interpoint), Romeo (mid-range), and PED (plate embosser). Also TranSend SE for inkprint and braille. Embosser Manuals
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Freedom Scientific
11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg FL 33716
800-444-4443 or 727-803-8000 tech: 727-803-8600 v
727-803-8001 f
Braille Blazer; inexpensive unit (narrow carriage), VersaPoint Duo mid-range interpoint. Embosser manuals
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ul. 27 Grudnia 7 7 Dec 27
Poznan  61-737
+48 61 853 1425 v
manufacturer of the Mountbatten embosser, an inexpensive unit. Sold in the United States by HumanWare. Embosser manuals

HumanWare, Inc.
6245 King Rd.
Loomis CA 95650
916-652-7253 or 800-722-3393 v
916-652-7296 f
Mountbatten embosser (low-cost, Paragon
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Index Braille
Hantverksvagen 20, Box 155
Gammelstad  S-954 23
+46 920 20 30 80 v
+46 920 20 30 85 f
Index Basic-D is a mid-range unit. The Index Everest is a mid-range unit that handles sheet feed paper. The Braille Box is a production single sheet feed unit. The Index Everest 4A4 is a professional unit that produces magazines (double sized paper, folded and stapled).
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Interpoint NV (Elekul)
Celetijnenlaan 48
Heverless  B-3001
+32 16 201230 v
+32 16 201230 f
The Elekul 55 is a professional unit. These are available in the U.S. e-mail for the details
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JTR Corporation
Ukima 4-17-4 Kita-ku,
Tokyo  115-0051
+81 3 3967-6606 v
+81 3 3967-8254 f
A braod line of embossers, ESA-919 (small interpoint), ESA-2000 (larger interpoint), ESA-721 graphics, ESA-300 Pro single sided, ESA 600 Pro interpoint; also a burster and a binding machine
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Nippon Telesoft Co., Ltd
Hanzomon MK Bldg 1-8-1 Kojimachi Chiyoda-Ku
Tokyo  102-0083
+81 3-3264-0800 v
+81-3-3264-0880 f
TP-32 single sided, BPW-32 interpoint, BMP-320 (print and braille on same sheet of paper)
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Information Office, Jose Ortega y Gasset 22-34, 4th floor
Madrid  28006
+34 91 577 3756 or +34 91 436 5300 v
+34 91 436 53 f
Bax 10 (professional), Impacto-600 (professional), and Memo-Thiel, Memo-Thiel Interpoint, Porta-Thiel, Porta-Thiel interpoint, all inexpensive units.
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Technol Eight Co Ltd
358 Katakura-machi, Hachioji City
+81 426 370591 v
+81 426-37-0593 f
They manufacture the Ohtsuki embosser sold by American Thermoform (mid-range) which does both braille and print.

Techno-Vision Systems Ltd
76 Bunting Road Ind. Est.
Northampton Northants. NN2 6EE
United Kingdom
+44 160-479-2777 v
+44 160-479-2776 f
a re-seller of Enabling and Index embossers in the UK; skilled embosser repairer
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ViewPlus Technologies
1965 SW Airport Rd.
Corvallis OR 97333
541-754-4002 v
541-738-6505 f
sells the Tiger embosser line which produces excellent tactile graphics direct from Windows. The models are: Tiger Pro, Tiger Max, Tiger Cub, Tiger Cub Jr.
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