QuickTac Information

Starting now: open beta test of QuickTac 4.0, which uses the embossing engine of DBT and has a more intuitive user interface. If you have difficulty embossing with the beta product, then report that to the email list, and download the older product.

The functionality of QuickTac is greatly enhanced with the purchase of an inexpensive graphics tablet that plugs into the USB port, such as the Graphire 3 from Wacom.

A sighted person can use a graphics tablet to trace an image. Open the traced image in QuickTac. Then save that file as a .sig file. You can import a graphics file created by QuickTac into DBT Win 12.4. Just go to the Layout, Picture, Add Menu Choice to insert your new graphic into DBT Win 12.4.

Illustration of manipulating a JPEG graphics file to create a braille graphic. Going from Step 1 to Step 2 requires a graphics tablet.

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