Align to Bottom of Page

Also known as: Bottom Alignment, Bottom Justification

What you need to know first: Vertical Centering

(See also: Centering)

Code Used: [vcsM:N] and [vce]

Keystroke: (None at present)

What does it do?

It forces text to the bottom of a page.

Where would it be used?

So children's text books are adapted for braille by adding a clear plastic sheet in front of the print page. Often there is a picture at the top of the print page, with a caption below.

Usage in DBT:

[vcs2:1]The cat sat on the mat

Did you like picture on the last page?

Produces in Braille:

,! cat sat on ! mat4,

---------- page break ----------

did y l ! picture on     #b

! la/ page8

For the more technical:

Start vertical page alignment by applying the fraction N/M to the number of lines that would otherwise be left empty at the bottom, and adding that many blank lines to the top. M and N default to 2 and 1 respectively. Thus [vcs2:1] effects approximate bottom alignment. (Bottom alignment may not always be "perfect" because, when a body of text is started later on a page and re-flowed, under some circumstances [such as when the first line as been shortened to accommodate a page number] the line breaks may not always occur at the same positions and hence the text itself may occupy a different number of lines than it did originally.)