New Line (Conditional)

(See also: New Line (Hard Return)

Code Used: [l]

>Keystroke: (None at present)

What does it do?

It will begin a new line if necessary, but will do nothing if already on a new line.

>Where would it be used?

A simple example might be where addresses are shown on one line in print, but might word wrap in braille at awkward places.

(Note: Using multiple instances as like [l][l][l] will NOT cause additional blank lines.)

Usage in Duxbury:

The Institute of Perfect Braille Producers,[l]c/o Duxbury Systems Inc.,[l]Olde Boston Square

The Institute of Perfect Braille Producers, c/o Duxbury Systems Inc., Olde Boston Square

Produces in Braille:

(Notice the difference between the first and second examples.)

,! ,9/itute ( ,p]fect       #a

,brl ,produc]s1 c/o ,duxbury

,sy/ems ,9c41 ,olde ,bo/on


,! ,9/itute ( ,p]fect ,brl  #a


c/o ,duxbury ,sy/ems ,9c41

,olde ,bo/on ,squ>e