New Line (Hard Return)

Also known as: "New Paragraph", "Hard Return" or "Hard Carriage Return"

(See also: New Line (Conditional))

Code Used: [<]

Keystroke: Return or Enter key.

What does it do?

It forces a new line at that point in the text.

Where would it be used?

Anywhere a new line is required.

Usage in Duxbury:

Duxbury Systems[<]

Olde Boston Square

Produces in Braille:

,duxbury ,sy/ems

,olde ,bo/on ,squ>e

Let us explain!

This code causes a new line in braille and print, even if a new line has just been created by wordwrap. Thus it can produce an unexpected skipped line in places. The safest approach is often to use one [l] and several [<] codes instead of a series of [<] alone. (See New Line (Conditional))