What you need to know first: How to Group text

(See also: Print v Braille)

Code Used: [remw]

Keystroke: (None at present)

What does it do?

When the document is translated into braille, remarks are excluded from the translation.

Special Note: This Code should only be used for short matter. i.e. no more than one line

Where would it be used?

To perhaps include notes for a teacher.

Usage in DBT:

Computers have different parts such as:[ee~para.]
disk drive
ask class for examples[;]
Our computer can work very fast.[ee~para]

Produces in Braille:

  ,-put]s h di6]5t "ps s* z3-




disk drive

  ,\r -put] c "w v fa/

Let us explain!

The [remw] in front of the word "Test" will cause it not to appear when translated into braille. Because "ask class for examples" is more than one word, it must be grouped using the [:] and [;] Codes.

Create a Style?

If you use Remarks on a regular basis, you could create a Style called "remarks" with Beginning Codes [remw][:] and Ending Code [:]