Layout: Translation Codes

Keystroke: Select from Layout menu

See Notes below for important information.

Image shows the Translation Codes selected and the available selections in a sub-menu.

This pull-out menu contains codes for marking up a file for translation. Unlike format codes, these codes take effect during translation, so no immediate change is made to the WYSIWYG view. The translation codes include:

Grade 0
Grade 1
Grade 2
CBC (Computer Braille Code)
Spanish Text
LIFG Text (Latin, Italian, French and German)

Note 1: A sequence of two (or more) spaces is not preserved during translation unless a Hard Space is inserted.

Note 2: Take care when applying changes mid-document. If you want only a specified section in another Grade, you must remember to revert back at the appropriate point.

See the Language Translation Tables and the Translation Codes sub-topics for more specific details.