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MegaDots 2.5 Command Summary

Installing MegaDots 2.5

Do not install MegaDots on a system running with 64-bit Windows. MegaDots will not work on a 64-bit Windows system. MegaDots does work on the XP Virtual Mode in Windows (click here for all of the details).

You need administrative privileges while installing MegaDots. See the end of this chapter if you are installing on the Microsoft Vista or Windows 7 operating systems.

MegaDots Documentation

The Start Menu has a Group called Duxbury. Press Control-Esc P then enough D's until the highlight is on Duxbury. Click on MegaDots 2.5 Documentation.

MegaDots documentation is also available by pressing U in the Help Menu of MegaDots, from the Duxbury Systems website, and from the MegaDots installation CD-ROM.

The Most Important Keys in MegaDots

File Commands in the Editor

Specifying Styles

Hierarchy Commands

MegaDots uses the term hierarchy to define paragraphs of the same style but at different levels. For example, a table of contents may have a hierarchy of three levels: the main level, the sub level, and the sub-sub level.

Screen and Keyboard Modes

Cursor Movement

Find and Replace

Clipboard and Editing

Edit Menu

Some of the shortcut keys below work only when you are in the Editor.

Special Characters

MegaMath Data Entry

If you have a Duxbury DBT print file containing math, MegaDots retains the math when you open the file.

The items below work in a document in the Nemeth style sheet.

The items below work only when you are in the Editor with Quick math entry on.

Help in MegaDots

This section is designed to help you locate appropriate instructions about MegaDots. Remember that the Reference Manual is available from anywhere in MegaDots by pressing F12. The Interface Guide is located in the Help Menu (F10 H I). The Start Menu has a Group called Duxbury. Press Control-Esc P then enough D's until the highlight is on Duxbury. Click on MegaDots 2.5 Documentation.

Q: What features are in MegaDots? A: The best list is in Chapter 1 of the User Manual. Look up individual items (i.e., "Spanish", "Box Lines", etc.) in the Reference Manual.

Q: How do I make MegaDots work with my access technology (voice, braille, or large print)? A: Look at Chapter 13 of the User Manual, or look at the Interface Guide.

Q: How do I find the definition of a word or phrase? A: Look at the Reference Manual (F12).

Q: I do not understand the meaning of a prompt in MegaDots. A: Press F1 for help.

Q: My brailler does not work. A: Look at the beginning of the Interface Guide for general help about troubleshooting. Also look up your specific embosser in the Interface Guide. Look at Chapter 5 of the User Manual for help setting up MegaDots. If you continue to experience problems with your embosser, please feel free to contact our technical support line at 978-692-3000 and/or the technical support department for your embosser manufacturer.

Q: I cannot get MegaDots to launch or work at all. A: Look at Chapter 2 of the User Manual. If that is no help, please call our technical help line at 978-692-3000.

Q: I need help printing. A: See Chapter 10.

Q: I need information about recent changes and new features in MegaDots. A: See the file bugfixes.meg. This is listed in the documentation menu as What's New in MegaDots 2.5.

Q: Can I get any help on the web? A: Updates to MegaDots and other resources are listed at www.duxburysystems.com

Q: This list is not helping me with my problem. A: If none of these information resources assist you with your MegaDots problem, call our technical help line at 978-692-3000 or email us at megadots@duxsys.com.