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To request to join our email list for notices and discussion, including the Zoom joining information for hybrid and virtual events, please email a brief self-introduction to
telling us about your interest in dance, as the list membership is limited to persons (not groups) who are interested in participating in or learning about International Folk Dance. Please include the words "FIFD list request" in the email subject line.

The list manager will then pass your request on to, which runs the list. will then send you a confirmation request or "invitation". YOU NEED TO REPLY TO THIS INVITATION IN ORDER TO BE PUT ON THE LIST. requires this extra step; if you do not reply, nothing will happen. You may, of course, unsubscribe from the list at any time.

(If you prefer not to join the list but simply to participate in a particular Zoom event, please email a similar self-introduction and state the event of interest.)

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