DBT Win iconDemo of DBT Win 12.4 sr1

Important Note about Demos

If you have purchased an earlier copy of this program and want to download a demo to learn if it is worthwhile to purchase an update, be careful. If you install the demo software on top of your existing program, it turns your fully functioning software into a demo. You may find it more convenient to install to a different directory.

Please open DBT WIN, go to HELP, then click on Check for Updates.This will inform you if you are eligible for a free downloadable upgrade to DBT Win 12.4 sr1, and result in a smoother experience for you.

We offer the same download from two separate servers to keep downloads as fast as possible. Both contain the exact same file. If one appears too slow, cancel and pick the another one.

1: DBT Win 12.4 sr1; Primary download URL

2: DBT Win 12.4 sr1; Secondary download URL

Click here for the help on installing DBT Win 12.4 sr1. For most users, installation is a matter of choosing all the defaults. Those working with networks or custom installations should read this before installing. Please note: network users need to install one additional software package, so these instructions are vital.

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