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Perky Duck is available from Duxbury Systems at no charge. The purchase of Duxbury DBT allows us to distribute some programs as freeware. Please take the time to learn about Duxbury DBT, to see if this would be an appropriate purchase for you.

We appreciate your understanding that Perky Duck is distributed without any phone or email support.

Duxbury's freeware may be downloaded from Duxbury's web site and used for any legal and constructive purpose that does not involve redistribution to third parties. It may not be redistributed, whether commercially or otherwise, by any means including placement on other web sites, without Duxbury's explicit permission. If you wish to mention any Duxbury freeware item on your web site, we welcome links and suggest that you direct them to our main page at with instructions to follow the "products" link.

Perky Duck has been updated in February 2013 to work with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (and offer many other improvements).

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