Paragraph Codes

The next topics list a few of the more popular paragraph codes.


The two topics here relating to "Hierarchy" - Define & Set perhaps need some initial explanation. In very simple terms, this is simply a way of structuring text.

For example, in a Table of Contents, such as that shown to the left of this topic. At the first level of Hierarchy are the main subjects. The second level is a series of Books or Topics such as where we are now i.e. "Paragraph". At a third level are the topics that fall within, "Paragraph" such as, "New Paragraph", "General Layout", etc..

However there are practical considerations specifically relating to braille. For example, if we were to indent 2 cells for each hierarchy level (as shown above), on a page which was only 30 cells wide, and had many levels, we would ultimately reach a point where we just could not fit enough text on the line. For that reason, the DBT Code we use, allows us to place a limit of the maximum number of levels we can use, after which anything above that level will default to our specified maximum.

Paragraphs can have a similar treatment. For example in print, paragraphs we wish to emphasize for some reason, may be "marginally" reduced in width. That is to say that both the left and right margin are increased, as has been done with this paragraph.

The Hierarchy (Define) Topic may seem complex at first glance, but if you understand the above principals, hopefully things will fall into place.