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DBT 12.6 SR1
2022-12-8 (2023-1-12)

Duxbury Systems continually revises DBT to add new features, support new and updated embossers, and fix problems, as well as to respond to the latest revisions in braille rules, operating system updates, and third party changes.

Below you will find our advances and improvements since the prior release.

For more sources of information, please take advantage of "Check for Updates" from your DBT Help menu. Or, visit the Duxbury Website for both new information and historical information about DBT features and updates.

DBT 12.6 SR1 provides the following important improvements and fixes and more.

Reference Page Numbering

Reference Page Numbering, also known as Print Page Numbering, is an important formatting feature of textbooks and other documents where collaboration with inkprint readers is important. DBT 12.6 SR1 has made several important improvements to the handling of Reference Page Numbering:


Document Importing

Document Exporting


Embosser Support

DBT Operations / General

Language Updates

Flag Description
Indian Flag All Languages of India: fix apostrophe
Indian Flag Assamese: Repair some letter combinations
Indian flag Hindi: handle English in braille to print.
Russian Flag Khakas: (adding a new language); This is a minority language spoken in Russia
Lithuanian Flag Lithuanian: Respecting emphasis in braille to print.
United States flag Nemeth Code: fix spacing issues near boldface and a few other things.

We have made several "internal" improvements, with potential impact on other languages, including Cherokee, Canadian Aboriginal languages, Japanese, and several West African languages, though these improvements are not fully exposed in the update. If you are interested in this work, or any other language improvements, please write to us at languages@duxsys.com.

DBT 12.6
2022-4-15 (2022-4-25)

DBT 12.6 provides the following important improvements and fixes and more.

User Interface/ Commands / Accessibility

Embosser Support

DBT Operations / General

Document Importing

Language Updates

Flag Description
Languages of India: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Panjabi, Sinhala, Telugu. The accuracy of the braille-to-print translations for these Indian languages has been improved.
All eleven official languages ofSouth Africa: have fully functional braille-to-print translators suitable for demanding applications (Afrikaans, English, and the nine indigenous languages: Ndebele, Nguni, Sotho, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, and Zulu).
Mathematics Braille: There is a correction for the "identical to" symbol (dots 456 123456) in the English (UEB) braille-to-print table and in 11 non-English braille-to-print tables: including Afrikaans, Welsh, Irish, Biblical Original Languages, Esperanto, and several of the indigenous South African languages.
Amharic: The print-to-braille translation table, and braille-to-print table, are updated to correct the representation of the Amharic syllable "do", and to extend support for the "simplified mode."
Biblical Original Languages tables improved.

Danish, Greenlandic: The translation tables in both directions, print-to-braille and braille-to-print, have been updated to correct handling of certain indicators, including emphasis and termination of capitals, and to remove pre-UEB American-style English braille as a secondary language. The associated Danish (and Greenlandic) uncontracted tables were likewise updated.

English / UEB: The English/Unified Braille translation tables, both print-to-braille and braille-to-print, have been updated to disallow interior type form changes within words standing alone, which affects short-form usage in rare cases. They also correct the contraction usage of several unusual words, and include the recent decisions of the UEB Code Maintenance Committee.

The "learning series" (partial contraction) tables for BANA: TSBVI Clusters, Mangold Method, and NLS I.M.B.T.; those for UKAAF/BAUK: Braille in Easy Steps, Fingerprint (UEB), and Take off Series; and OTHERS: RNZFB STAR and S.A. Syllabus Level are included in these updates.

If you wish us to include your language's curricula for learning tables, please contact us at: languages@duxsys.com.

Finnish: The braille translation tables in both directions, print-to-braille and braille-to-print, have been updated to correct emphasis indicators and a punctuation mark.
Quebec French, Pre-Unified: The print-to-braille table corrects the encoding for a square shape input character.
Greek: The print-to-braille table is updated to correct the encoding of dasia in the entry for alpha upsilon with varia and dasia.
Igbo: NEW! This language now has a braille-to-print (reverse) translation table. Also, the print-to-braille translation table is updated to correct the representation of several characters.
Latvian: The braille translation tables in both directions, print-to-braille and braille-to-print, have been updated to conform to newer standards for certain indicators and punctuation marks.
Mathematics Nemeth Code: The Nemeth translator already adds spaces around many signs of comparison including all of the common ones. This handling has just been added for double length arrows. Also, when a comparison sign is at the end of a math style, the translator now correctly adds a space before the sign but not after it. In addition, we fixed a problem that could cause the omission of a baseline indicator needed after a term with subscripts and/or superscripts when followed by a trigonometric function.
Romanian: The print-to-braille translation table has been updated to provide support for Cyrillic characters, still sometimes found in Romanian and Moldovan text.
Serbian: Improved braille-to-print translation including the correction of two non-alphabetic symbols in Cyrillic text.
Slovak: Updated print-to-braille & braille-to-print tables for a number of symbols specified by the Slovak braille authority. Also, fixed the local encoding to enable correct Slovak braille display.

Slovenian: Because of recent contact with Slovenian braille experts, we have reworked the Slovenian print-to-braille table. The changes include the typeform indicators (bold, italic, etc.), and the decimal comma. A corresponding braille-to-print table has been developed, and a new template added for grade 1 (uncontracted) Slovenian braille.

Swedish Flag Swedish: has improved translation tables in both directions, print-to-braille and braille-to-print, respecting certain punctuation signs and emphasis indicators.
Urdu: The print-to-braille translation table has been updated to correct the representation of the Arabic letter "heh goal" (Unicode: U+06C1).

Notice: Microsoft Windows 7

You may still find occasional references to the Windows 7 operating system in these Help pages, but be warned that Microsoft has ended support of Windows 7, and security updates ceased as of January 2020. For this reason, Duxbury cannot recommend using DBT on Windows 7 computers or on any earlier Microsoft operating system.

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