MegaDots 2.5 Documentation

New Features in MegaDots and Getting Started (html files)

MegaDots Reference Manual (html file)

Press F12 inside MegaDots for the Reference Manual

MegaDots User Manual (html files)

MegaDots Interface Guide

Press F10 H I inside the MegaDots Editor for the Interface Guide

More about MegaMath (Besides What is in Chapter 22)

BANA Braille Format Rules

Command Summary as a Braille Formatted File

(To obtain a braille file, right click on the link, then "Save As" or "Save Target As" the file as a "textfile" or "all file", but not as an html file.)

MegaDots Manuals as Word Files

MegaDots Screen Colors

Normal Screen Colors, * means the color shifts with the color pallete changes
Normal TextWhite *Blue *Sample
HighlightPurpleLight AquaSample
BoldEiBright WhiteBlue *Sample
Bold/Italics (angled)EaWhitePurpleSample
UnderlineEuWhiteLight GreenSample
Bold/Underline (dark)EdBright WhiteLight GreenSample
Transcriber's NoteEtLight BlueBlue *Sample
Note Text (markup)EnWhiteLight RedSample
Note Text (WYSIWYG)EnGreenBlackSample
Guide TextEgPurpleBlue *Sample
Math (markup)TMLight BlueBlue *Sample
Grade OneTOGreen *Blue *Sample
Grade TwoTTGreen *Blue *Sample
ExactTXYellowLight AquaSample

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